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We have the best infrastructure in MUMBAI to handle all ship building requirements and adhered to the highest standards of quality in the shipbuilding industry.

We also built two Anchor handling Tug under ABS class of 70T Bollard Pull which were delivered within 16 months.

We are the first private shipyard in India to build and deliver two 40M aluminum crew boats with 80 passenger capacity each to our clients under ABS Class.

We have built eight RSV & IRS CLASS type Vessels for domestic clients. We have build thirty, 1800-2500DWT barges for various clients in MUMBAI


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  • Using of Submerged Arc welding machine.
  • Using of MIG welding machines.
  • Class approved Quality Assurance Plan.
  • Use of Airless spray machine for painting.
  • Use of Pipe bending machine for pipe bending.
  • Use Certified Experience Holder Technician ,
  • Use of Modernized Gazettes for Inspection of Welding,
  • Blasting, Painting & other ship building activities.
  • have one 85T hydraulic crane and another 25T crane.
  • The most modernized Hydraulic jacks each of 250 tons with a pushing
  • capacity of 12" Outreach. Each workman can operate 6 jacks at a time.