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  • We provide our clients with all of their maritime requirements under one roof – right from the engineering and construction of marine equipment to salvaging and port operations.
  • Due to the high standards of quality and Technical , Operational Management expertise in the marine & River Dredging fields, we have over the past 15 years.
  • By deploying suitable dredgers like Drilling Rigs, Rock-Dredging Excavators, Bucket Ladder Dredgers, Grab Dredgers and Cutter-Suction Dredgers, we provide timely execution of various types of silt and rock-dredging jobs.
  • We are engaged in various maritime areas include dredging, shipping and specialize particularly in the Rock-Dredging genre. Below is a more detailed view of the same:
  • Engineering, designing, ship building, ship repairs of all dredging equipment and civil marine construction , Bridge , Jetty .
  • Charters, Brokers and operators of the largest fleet of Hopper Barges in India, amongst other achievements, Shiva shipping Trading
  • The company specializes in consultancy , chartering , ship Broking , the Grab and Rock Dredging its large fleet of Drilling Rigs, Excavators, Multy Bucket Ladder Dredger, Cutter Suction Dredger , Self propeller Trailer Suction Hopper Dredger , Grab Dredgers, Amphibious Floating Excavator, Water Master Dredger , Cargo barge, split hopper barges, Hopper Barges , and other crafts and equipment all of which have been fabricated in-house.

Project Proposal

Reservoir Dredging and Its benefits to Society
  • Dredging introduction
  • Benefits of dredging
  • Drought condition in Maharastra
  • Dredging in reservoir
  • Benefits of dredging in Reservoirs
  • Methodology and Implementation
  • Feasible methods
  • Calculation and estimation

Dredging- Introduction

  • Underwater excavation or scooping out, weeds & rubbish with a dredge/dredger/pump
  • Helps to increase capacities of water bodies, helps in navigation
  • Done with professional assistance and equipment
  • Equipment includes pumps dredging vessels and pipelines barges- depends upon method of disposal

Benefits of Dredging

  • Helps gathering sediments- unwanted wastes and debris
  • Widening and deepening of water bodies
  • Increases reserve storage capacities of water bodies
  • Creates ant sludge pathways for navigation
  • Replenish sand for coastal development as a remedy to coastal erosions
  • Reclaim land to generate islands for land accumulation
  • Increase capacities of freshwater bodies

Drought Condition in North India

  • 2010 drought in North India unlike 80 years
  • 390500 villages in North India are prone to droughts again
  • Crops and other utilities are getting severely effected by these conditions
  • As a consequence water storage is required to be increased
  • The reservoirs are required to be dredged to increase the capacity in terms of water storage

Dredging in Reservoirs

  • Controlling the sediment balance sustainably (low turbidity)
  • Using the existing reservoir, no new constructions needed
  • Efficient use of water
  • Controlled reservoir management

Benefits of Dredging In Reservoirs

  • Other than increasing capacities in reservoirs:
  • Important issue is the relocation of the sedimented material
  • Most reservoirs are located in mountainous area’s
  • Possible re-use depends on properties, soil types and local needs
  • Create land (fertile soil can be used to create land within the reservoir or region)
  • Re-use of sand (for example to create building material)
  • Bring back sediment in to the river to restore the natural sand balance
  • Helps in creating a land where water parks can be build, for boating and water sports, which can further bring tourist attraction.

Methodology & Implementation

  • Assigning a Portable Conventional Cutter Suction dredger
  • Using TT/toyo/Bell pumps in case of loose/cohesive soils
  • Potable crawl cat/water master dredger
  • Portable IHC crawler with the help of geotextiles and geotubes to avoid problems further
  • In line helping the reservoir sediments to vacate and increase reserve capacities

Feasible Method

  • Compact submergible dredge pump
  • Equipped with jet nozzles to boost production
  • Widely applicable (pontoon, crane etc.)
  • Depth > 50m
  • Highly wear-resistant
  • Supported by an economical crawler for mobilisation